Ruamrudee International School, G7 – Jungle Adventure and Elephants!

Ruamrudee International School, Grade 7 completed a 3 day / 2 night adventure camp with us for nearly 90 students. The thing which struck our outdoor team the second the group arrived was the buzz and energy of the students and teachers! This was awesome and meant the camp could get off to a great start with loads of enthusiasm and laughter! Each morning we woke up to misty cool temperatures which was a very refreshing way to start every day! We challenged the students to test their bushcraft skills and build survival shelters. The judges (the teachers) evaluated the shelters using the following criteria: 1) Design concept and durability, 2) Ability to withstand (torrential) rain, and 3) Ene

St Stephen's Bangkok, Year 5 - Kayaking, Rock Painting and Low Ropes!

St Stephen's Bangkok Year 5 stayed at our outdoor education centre near Khao Yai National Park for 4 days / 3 nights. Their programme was action packed with a wide range of both curriculum-linked and adventure-based learning. The students were excited to be out of the classroom for a few days and challenged in the beautiful outdoor setting of Khao Yai! One of the highlights of the camp for both staff and students was making nature sculptures using only natural materials inspired by the work of British sculptor and environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy. The idea was be as creative and innovative as possible while thinking about the materials, colours, textures and patterns of the design. The jud

Concordian International School, Grade 7 - Week Without Walls

Concordian International School, Grade 7 came to our outdoor education centre for their Week Without Walls. Their programme was designed to be as active as possible and full to the brim with adventure! To start we week off, the students took part in the popular 'Cup Challenge' on the Jungle Gym, our low ropes course set in the trees. In small groups, the students must get a beaker of water from one end of the low ropes course to the other while spilling as little water as possible. The students used various strategies including one group who figured that carrying the water in their mouths around the course was a good idea! Unfortunately the other students made them laugh by telling jokes, fo

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We inspire young people to learn outside the classroom, grow through challenge and adventure and transform our world through positive change.

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