Our field study and environmental education (EE) courses are available for primary (elementary) and secondary (high school) level groups.


We are surrounded by rivers, mountains, forests and limestone caves which make excellent environments for students to explore and learn in.

Primary Level (Elementary)


For primary level (age 7-11), we offer field studies and environmental education courses in a range of topics which are designed to link to the IPC, IBPY and other curricula.


Past themes include:

  • Rivers

  • Rainforest ecology

  • Conservation

  • River invertebrates

  • Collecting and identifying insects

  • Weather

  • Sustainability

  • Renewable energy

  • Reusing & recycling

  • Caring for the environment

  • Farming

  • Global warming

  • Pollution

Secondary Level (High School)


For high school level (age 11-18), we offer field studies courses for middle years and senior students which focus on biology, geography, environmental studies and tourism.


Our senior field studies courses are designed to support the curriculum requirements for the British Curriculum IGCSE, A-Level, American Curriculum AP and IB Programs.


Past themes and studies include:

  • Ecological sampling

  • Species classification

  • Indicator species

  • Water quality testing

  • River morphology and bedload studies (Bradshaw Model)

  • Soil testing & nutrient cycling

  • Biodiversity

  • Micro-climates

  • Environmental surveys

  • Tourist impact and management

  • Agricultural practices

  • Renewable energy

  • Statistics & research methods

  • Planned assessments & coursework

For full information on our safety and risk management procedures, please go to 'A Matter of Safety.'



We offer a broad range of outdoor adventure training either independently or through external providers including:

  • Kayaking - Various options for all ages and kayaking abilities

  • Jungle trekking - Wide range of trekking distances available including overnight expeditions

  • Rock climbing & Abseiling (rappelling)- Wide range of climbing/abseiling routes available for all abilities

  • Low ropes course (AKA "The Jungle Gym")

  • Raft building - Building rafts and racing them in the swimming pool

  • Bushcraft skills - Including shelter building, fire lighting and making useful crafted tools

  • Jungle cooking - Cooking a meal or snack using traditional outdoor clay stoves

  • Team building activities - Various activities available for all ages

  • Orienteering - Courses set up for all ages

  • Navigation training - Map reading and compass training

  • Camping (under canvas) - Camping on our secure site or in one of our local national parks

  • Campfire - Purpose built campfire on our secure site

  • Barbecue - A wide range of locally sourced BBQ specialties provided plus marshmallow roasting!

For full information on our safety and risk management procedures, please go to 'A Matter of Safety.'



We believe simply being aware of the challenges facing our planet is not enough to transform our world. It is also vital that young people feel inspired and empowered to take action and make a difference.


Our community service projects are carefully chosen to link closely to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals to Transform Our World based on such challenges as poverty and hunger alleviation, climate action, sustainable forest management and halting biodiversity loss.

Previous service projects we have facilitated include:

  • Tree planting - Tree planting available on the outer edge of Khao Yai National Park to support with conserving the forest

  • Clearing and removing litter - A range of locations available in Khao Yai National Park to help conserve the wildlife

  • Caring for rescued elephants - Hosted by the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre who specialise in saving elephants from Thailand's tourism trade

  • Supporting conservation efforts in Khao Yai National Park - Supporting the national park rangers with a range of conservation projects to support the forest ecosystem

  • Supporting snake conservation and research - Supporting snake research and conservation efforts at the Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve to help conserve forest biodiversity

  • Renovating schools & community buildings - Various projects available depending on the needs of our partners

  • Teaching English to local students - Support local students to learn English in rural schools

  • Caring for homeless people - Developing beneficial projects and partnerships for homeless people and caring for those in need of food and shelter

  • Caring for elderly people - Providing elderly people with carefully planned workshops and opportunities to learn new skills and activities through our community partnerships

We choose our community service projects and partners carefully to make sure they are safe for children to participate in, have a positive real-world impact, are ethical and support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Please note: The availability of community service projects depends on the needs of our local partners and, as such, unfortunately it's not always possible to guarantee the availability of the community projects listed above

For full information on our safety and risk management procedures, please go to 'A Matter of Safety.'

We inspire young people to learn outside the classroom, grow through challenge and adventure and transform our world through positive change.

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