Shrewsbury International School, Year 5 - Team building, Problem Solving and Low Ropes!

Shrewsbury International School, Year 5 stayed at The Howling Gibbon Outdoor Education Centre for 5 days and 4 nights with approximately 120 children. The pupils were a fun bunch who were excited by the greenery and cooler temperatures of the Khao Yai area! We did a range of activities including shelter building, team building games, problem solving activities and orienteering. A highlight for the group was the Jungle Gym - our low ropes course set in the trees. One of the most nimble female students set a new record for the "Plank Ladder" challenge element by crossing from one side to the other in an impressive 12.8 seconds with very impressive technique! The BBQ and campfire was also good

Why Go On Our Summer Camp?

Kids enjoy the summer holidays when they are busy, challenged and active and summer camps are a fantastic way to make this happen by providing the opportunity to try new things, get fit and active and meet new friends. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is also the independence that children gain from being away from home and learning to look after themselves in a new and exciting setting. Two years ago, we launched The Howling Gibbon Summer Camp which is a fully inclusive sports and outdoor adventure camp for children aged 8-13. Students from Thailand and abroad stay with us overnight for two weeks or three weeks at The Howling Gibbon Outdoor Education Centre located on the doorstep of Kh

St. Stephen's Bangkok, Year 7 - Maps, Climbing and Camping!

St. Stephen's Bangkok, Year 7 came to The Howling Gibbon Outdoor Education Centre with 45 students for 5 days / 4 nights. The group were a lively bunch which made for an energetic week of outdoor activities in Khao Yai! We carried out field studies based on "Investigating Correlations in Nature" and we did a jungle trek. During the trek, we crossed a couple of shallow streams which added to the challenge element even though there were one or two wet feet! The highlight for many of the students during the week was rock climbing. We had 5 climbing routes set up on the crag and the students and teachers got plenty of opportunities to try their Spider Man skills on the different routes! The sun

St. Stephen's Bangkok, Year 8 - Ecotourism, Trekking and English Teaching!

St. Stephen's Bangkok, Year 8 came for 5 days, 4 nights at The Howling Gibbon Outdoor Education Centre based near Khao Yai National Park. As part of an action-packed programme, we investigated the impacts of ecotourism on Khao Yai, assessed the sustainability of various renewable energy sources (wind, hydro and solar), studied correlations found in nature and taught English to children in a local school through fun games and activities! During the ecotourism study, we collected a range of interesting data by doing environmental quality surveys, traffic and litter counts. The weather was chilly and damp which was a nice change from the heat of Bangkok! We also ran a series of English workshop

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