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The Howling Gibbon Summer Camp 2022!

We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for Summer Camp 2022 beginning on Sunday 3rd July and coming to an end on Saturday 16th July (2 WEEKS)!

The Howling Gibbon Summer Camp is a residential summer camp held in the spectacular natural setting of Khao Yai and designed for children age 8-13.

Participants attend for 2 weeks for our summer camp programme and food and accommodation are fully provided.

Our summer camp is multicultural and fully inclusive of all abilities. It is designed to keep your children active and stimulated while providing them the opportunity to grow in confidence, interact with other children and face new challenges.

Participants take part in our multi-sports programme with qualified sports coaches and outdoor adventure activities and sightseeing excursions in the beautiful, natural and exciting Khao Yai area.


For bookings and more info, please go to:

We can't wait for Summer Camp 2022! (Sunday 3rd July - Saturday 16th July 2022)


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