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St Andrews Samakee, Year 4 - Save the Elephants, Save the Rainforest!

St Andrews Samakee, Year 4 came to our outdoor centre again this year with an exciting programme of activities. The students learned about the predator-prey relationship between slow lorises and clouded leopards in Khao Yai National Park, as well as threats facing elephants in Thailand and we witnessed first-hand the impacts of plastic on the local wildlife. The children also took part in a series of team building challenges including the Spider's Web shown in the action photo below!

Team Building

The children were really enthusiastic and engaged with the placed-based learning experience and asked our outdoor educators lots of questions about species conservation and human impacts on the rainforest (which we really like to see!).

Environmental Education

Elephant Conservation

On the final night, we had a BBQ and campfire in the cool evening breeze. The food was a real highlight and for dessert we roasted marshmallows on the fire which went down very well with the whole group!

We can't wait to welcome St Andrews Samakee, Year 4 again next year!

The Howling Gibbon Team

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