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St. Stephen's Bangkok, Year 7 - Maps, Climbing and Camping!

St. Stephen's Bangkok, Year 7 came to The Howling Gibbon Outdoor Education Centre with 45 students for 5 days / 4 nights. The group were a lively bunch which made for an energetic week of outdoor activities in Khao Yai!

We carried out field studies based on "Investigating Correlations in Nature" and we did a jungle trek. During the trek, we crossed a couple of shallow streams which added to the challenge element even though there were one or two wet feet!

Jungle trekking, Khao Yai National Park

The highlight for many of the students during the week was rock climbing. We had 5 climbing routes set up on the crag and the students and teachers got plenty of opportunities to try their Spider Man skills on the different routes! The sun was out and there was plenty of shade which made for excellent climbing conditions.

Rock Climbing Demo

Rock Climbing

We also did map reading and orienteering which required the use of 6-figure grid references. Although tricky, many groups got the hang of it and found the orienteering cards dotted around our site, although a few teams did get well and truly disorientated from time to time!

On the final evening, we assembled tents for camping overnight and cooked on open stoves which was an awesome way to end the trip! Most of the students woke up at 5am with the morning light, even though the teachers were still trying in vain to get some extra shut eye before breakfast!

Camping in tents

We look forward to welcoming your group again in the future!

The Howling Gibbon Outdoor Education Centre

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