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Shrewsbury International School, Year 5 - Team building, Problem Solving and Low Ropes!

Shrewsbury International School, Year 5 stayed at The Howling Gibbon Outdoor Education Centre for 5 days and 4 nights with approximately 120 children. The pupils were a fun bunch who were excited by the greenery and cooler temperatures of the Khao Yai area!

Jungle Gym Low Ropes Course - #4 Plank Ladder

We did a range of activities including shelter building, team building games, problem solving activities and orienteering. A highlight for the group was the Jungle Gym - our low ropes course set in the trees. One of the most nimble female students set a new record for the "Plank Ladder" challenge element by crossing from one side to the other in an impressive 12.8 seconds with very impressive technique!

Jungle Gym Low Ropes Course - #9 The Bridge

The BBQ and campfire was also good fun even though the mosquitoes were out in force! After a big feast, the students enjoyed roasted marshmallows on the fire and taking part in their very own talent contest! Some of the acts were better rehearsed than others (shall we say!), but everyone enjoyed the skills and talents of those brave enough to perform.

BBQ and Campfire

We look forward to welcoming Shrewsbury International School again next year!

The Howling Gibbon Team

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